32nd Annual Conference
Infrastructure ExpansionCompost & Biogas Markets Food Recovery Contamination Management Behavior Change Composting Science

APRIL 1, 2, 3, 4, 2019   PORTLAND, OREGON   

Conference Sessions Preview

Catalyzing Organics Recycling

Organics Diversion Policies — Mandates, Bans And Incentives

Busting Silos To Advance Integrated Food-Soil-Energy-Water Solutions

Healthy Soils — Organics Recycling's Foundation

Measurement And Metrics

Pricing Compost, Market Valuation

Soil Amendment, Water-Efficient Landscape Ordinances

Infrastructure Development

Food Waste Composting

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) — Municipal, Farm, Industrial And Merchant Facilities

Facility Siting, Permitting And Financing

WRRF Codigestion: Energy Recovery And Biosolids Recycling

AD And Composting Facility Integration

Decentralized And Community Composting

Compost And Biogas Markets

Compost Utilization: Green Infrastructure, Carbon Storage, Disease Suppression

Community Gardens, Urban Farms And Compost

Grid, Pipeline Interconnections

Biogas Market Assessments — RNG, Electric Vehicles, Microgrids

Environmental Attribute Markets: Low Carbon Fuels, Cap & Trade, Carbon Pricing

Digestate Products, Nutrient Recovery

Food Recovery

Wasted Food Prevention And Recovery

Edible Food Measurement

Gleaning And Value-Added Processing

Enterprises, Innovation, Collaborations

K-12 Food Recovery

Food Recovery, Food Insecurity Intersections

Contamination Management

Generator Training, Hauler And Processor Enforcement

Depackaging AD, Composting Feedstocks

Sorting Strategies

Preprocessing At Transfer Stations

Technology Combinations To Maximize Removal

Contaminant Limit Compliance

Behavior Change

Principles And Practices

Residential, Commercial Food Waste Diversion — The Human Factor

Boosting Program Participation For Curbside, Drop-Off

Influencing Consumer Behavior

Public Relationships, Public Engagement

Outreach And Messaging Tools

Composting Science

Fundamentals Of Composting Science

Best Practices For Industrial Composting Of Source Separated Organics

Odor And Air Emissions, Storm Water Management

Compost Biology

Composting Compostable Products And Packaging

Compost Science And Manufacturers' Realities