31st Annual Conference
Compost ManufacturingAnaerobic Digestion Food Recovery & Recycling
Compost, Biogas
And Digestate Markets
Climate Enterprise Opportunities

March 26, 27, 28, 29, 2018   San Diego, California  

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Accelerating Organics Recycling

Organics Diversion Mandate Compliance

Collecting Organics: Route Density, Preprocessing At Transfer Sites

Facility Financing Opportunities And Realities

Feedstock Contracts

Public/Private Partnerships To Create Infrastructure

Federal, State Composting And Biogas Policies

Zero Waste As Organics Diversion Accelerator

Public Engagement, Education And Training

Compost Manufacturing

Maximizing Production, Minimizing Footprint

Compost Manufacturing Trends

Facility Siting And Permitting Strategies

Contaminant Management

Odor And Emissions Control

Composting Compostable Products And Packaging

Medium To Large-Scale Facility Management

Decentralized And Community Composting

Anaerobic Digestion

Facility Profiles — Successes And Lessons Learned

Anaerobic Digestion Of Food Waste, MSW Organics

Codigestion At Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Integrating AD, Biogas Into Livestock Operations

AD Plus Composting — Economic Models, Case Studies

Feedstock Preprocessing, Depackaging

Grid, Pipeline Interconnections

Nutrient Recovery, Credit Trading

Food Recovery And Recycling

Paths To 50% Food Waste Reduction Goal

Residential Food Scraps Collection Strategies

Food Recovery And Value-Added Processing

Source Separation Training And Compliance

Utilization Of Compostable Products

On-Site Food Scraps Management

Contaminant Management And Removal

Measurement And Mapping Tools

Compost, Biogas & Digestate Markets

Organics Recycling And Healthy Soils — Connecting The Dots

Growing Profitable Compost Markets

AD Biogas And Microgrids

Digestate Offtake Opportunities

Feedstock Quality And Biogas Yields

Soil Amendment Ordinances, Compost Procurement Programs

RFS, Low Carbon Fuel Standards As Market Stimulant

Compost, Vermicompost Tea

Climate Enterprise Opportunities

Compost, AD Biogas In Climate Toolbox

Integrated Solutions For Municipal “Pain Points”

AD Biorefineries

Valuation Of Organics Recycling Markets

Scaling Compost, Biogas, Healthy Soil Solutions

Enterprise And Job Creation Case Studies

Monetizing Compost Role In Carbon Sequestration

AD, Composting And Food Production On Urban Footprints

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